Wool & Oilskin Care

Welcome to our collection of Wool & Oilskin Care Products, designed to keep your favorite garments looking and performing their best. Our range includes premium solutions tailored for maintaining the quality, appearance, and durability of wool and oilskin fabrics.

Preserve the Quality of Your Wool and Oilskin with:

Gentle Wool Detergents:

Our specially formulated wool detergents are gentle yet effective, ensuring your wool garments remain soft, vibrant, and free from damage. Containing natural mould inhibitors 7 conditioning agents, these detergents clean and protect without stripping natural oils.

Oilskin Reproofing Sprays and Waxes:

Extend the life of your oilskin clothing with our top-notch reproofing products. Whether it's a spray or a wax, our solutions restore the waterproof properties and enhance the durability of your oilskin items, keeping you dry and comfortable in any weather.

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