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KLIK Sinkers Flip Wallet Pack - Lumo

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Control your terminal tackle with KLIK Sinkers! You never need to cut your line again when changing weight, just add or remove these sinkers at will with an easy clip-on clip-off design! They are the most streamlined sinkers in the world which allows you to go deep with the minimum number of sinkers, plus with the clam shell design even allows you to add more Klik sinkers from the boat with your line already deployed! This means you can dynamically control the depth of your bait while still fishing. Can be used on the boat, off the beach, for rock fishing, estuary fishing, and are great for the kayak and jet ski. Comes in five sizes, which come contained in a convenient Flip Wallet, and tough protective packaging tubes. The protective tubes isolate the sinkers protecting your knots, the user, the environment, and your car, boat and rods.


  • Add and remove Sinkers with Ease – Change range and depth at will to find the strike zone fast
  • Add Sinkers from the Boat – Allows dynamic exploration of the water column
  • Store and Travel with Nude Rods – Remove the sinkers and you eliminate twists and damage to your car, boat, and rods
  • Protective Cases – Protect flora, fauna, and your tinnie from exposed lead
  • Locking Option – Sinker can be locked onto the line for unique fishing experiences, including a KLIK first (bow lining)
  • Fish Light – Ability to add sinkers as needed allows you to use pre-made terminal tackle rigs and leave the tackle box behind
  • Hard of Sight – No need to thread the hole with KLIK Sinkers
  • Lumo Option – Fluorescent sinkers act like a beacon to attract fish at night or in the low light of deep water
  • Colour: Lumo
  • Outer Material: Polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 250mm x 130mm x 60mm
  • Weight: 1.4kg


  • Convenient Flip Wallet
  • 4x Size 10 Sinkers (80g / 2.8oz)
  • 4x Size 8 Sinkers (60g / 2.1oz)
  • 5x Size 6 Sinkers (40g / 1.4oz)
  • 10x Size 4 Sinkers (20g / 0.7oz)
  • 10x Size 4 Lite Sinkers (20g / 0.35oz)

Also Available in Blue


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