Gel Blaster Comparison

What is the best Gel Blaster gun?

This is a question we get asked regularly so we thought we might try and make it easier for you to decide. Below is a Gel Blaster Gun comparison table we have started, over time we will be filling in more details and adding more models. We have even highlighted our favourite Pistol, Submachine Gun & Rifle.
Name Type Speed (FPS) Approx Range (m) Gel Size Battery Modification Potential
JinMing M4A1 (Gen8) Gel Blaster Rifle 250 25+ 7-8mm 7.4V High
JinMing M4A1 (Gen9) Gel Blaster Rifle 250 25+ 7-8mm 7.4V High
JinMing M4 V10 Gel Blaster Rifle 250 25+ 7-8mm 7.4V High
JinMing ACR J10 Rifle 240/290 25+ 7-8mm 7.4V High
JinMing SCAR V2 Gel Blaster Rifle 250 25+ 7-8mm 7.4V High
Hanke M97 Shotgun Gel Blaster Shotgun 280-300 25+ 7-8mm Spring Loaded Pump Action Low
LeHui Kriss Vector V2 SMG (Submachine Gun) 240  25+ 7-8mm  7.4V   High
MSR Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster Rifle   240-310  20+ 7-8mm  Spring Loaded Bolt Action Med 
SKD Beretta 90-Two Gel Blaster Pistol 175 20+ 7-8mm 14.8V Med
YJD M23 Pistol  160   18+ 7-8mm  6V  Low 
SKD GLOCK 18 GEL BLASTER KIT Pistol 145 20+ 7-8mm 7.4V Med 
SIG P226 HOPPER FED GEL BLASTER KIT Pistol 100-130  15+ 7-8mm  6V  Low 
DESERT EAGLE V3 GEL BLASTER KIT Pistol 150 20+ 7-8mm 7.4V  Med
MP7 SMG GEL BLASTER KIT WITH SPARE MAG SMG (Submachine Gun)  200  25+ 7-8mm  7.4V   Med
AKM 47 V2 GEL BLASTER KIT   250  25+  7-8mm     Med
SKD M1911 GEL BLASTER KIT Pistol 150 20+ 7-8mm 7.4V Low 


We have also covered some FAQs regarding Gel Blaster Guns below, note that it is only current at time of writing and we suggest you check with your local Weapons Regulation for the most up to date information:

Do I need a permit to import a gel gun?

Yes, police certification is required for each gel gun you intend to import/purchase from overseas. 

Do I need a licence to own and possess a gel blaster gun?

In some States the gel blaster guns may be classified as a replica firearm which would require a licence however in QLD we can confirm you do not need a licence. We suggest checking your State Weapons Regulation for the most current information regarding this. 

Is there an age limit to buy a gel gun?

There is currently no age limit for a person, within Queensland, to possess or use a gel blaster. However, clubs, ranges, field operators and associations may have age restrictions for persons using their services.

Can I carry a gel blaster in public? (Comments below are based on QLD only)

Carrying a Gel Blaster in public can be classed as an offence. In all instances when possessing a gel blaster in a public space the item should be carried in a way that is not visible to members of the public, so as not to cause alarm to any person.

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