Pulsar Digiforce X970 Night Vision Monocular

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The most sensitive device in Digital NV line. It is equipped with range finding reticles to estimate approximate distance to a known object size in a distance. 


  • Increased twice night sensitivity that provides reliable optics in low light conditions. 

  • Changeable magnification (4 times). Also has a 2x digital 2x zoom function. 

  • Protection against bright light sources.

  • External Power Supply that can prolong the operation time of the unit. 

  • SumLight function that enables observation in low light without the use of IR Illuminator. 

  • Wide operating temperature

  • Rangefinding reticle

  • Display OFF(when a display is turned off, all other systems are working; for a normal operation, it is enough just to power on the display again)

  • Video out

  • User interface

  • Equipped with an original mount fitting which combines a ¼“ tripod socket (to enable mounting on a tripod) and a Mil – STD 1913 weaver short rail for attaching different accessories. 


  • Sensitivity of device: Spectral sensitivity of device at a wavelength of 915 nm, mW, not more than 0.000055 (5.5x10^-5) 

  • Sensor type: CCD 

  • Camera resolution: 752x582 pixels 

  • OLED Display type 

  • Display Resolution - 640x480 pixels 

  • Video OUT availability - analog 

  • Magnification: 4 ... 8x 

  • Lens focus: F50/1.0mm 

  • Digital Zoom: 2x 

  • Field of View: 7.5° horizontal 

  • Resolution ≥ 55 lines per mm 

  • 5 m Close-up range 

  • IR-illuminator: Laser (diode type) 

  • 915 nm (invisible) IR Wavelength  

  • 450 m Range of detection

  • Power Supply: 4 ÷ 6.3 V 

  • 4xAA Battery type

  • 4 hours Battery Life (w/out IR)

  • 3-3.5 hours Battery Life (with IR)

  • External Power Supply: DC 8.4 ÷ 15V / 3W 

  • Type of mount for attachment of additional accessories: Weaver 

  • Operating Temperature: - 25 … + 50 °С 

  • Dimensions: 176x83x62 mm 

  • 0.42 kg Weight (without batteries)

Additional Details

Lens focus:
Display type:
176x83x62 mm

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