Olight H15S Wave Rechargeable LED Headlamp

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Rechargeable Lithium (uncluded) or 4x AAA
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Yes, optional use
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Product Reviews

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    Ideal for Cyclists

    I am a cyclist and I have ridden at night with the H15S as the sole light source through some urban and rural areas of my town. The headlamp does an amazing job at lighting up the path in the urban ares, I had no trouble maintaining awareness of the road ahead. Other motorists were able to see me and I had no problems. In the really non-lit up parts of my town, where it is very dark, the power of the headlight seems to really multiply. I had to turn it down to medium because I felt I might be attracting too much attention.

    So for cyclists the Olight H15S is a good choice. My suggestions for future headlamps are that the headlamp can be made to IPX-8 waterproof standards (currently IPX-6 rated), and has a light in the back of the headlamp so people in the back of you can see you.
    I also should add the USB recharge featue is great for me, I can ride to work in the early morning hours and charge the headlamp battery with the USB cable at a computer or with an AC adaptor when needed.

    - Unknown

  • 1
    Very Poor Product

    The IR sensor is a real downer because the damn thing is constantly switching when you get close to anything. But more importantly the build quality is crap. The battery box lugs will break off, guaranteed, rendering the unit useless. Had to build my own battery box to keep it going. Also poor electrical design because the powerful cree LED will drain the little AAAs in short order and it soon dies. Use only in low power mode if you want a useful life from your batteries. Sorry I bought this one.

    Reply from Outdoors Warehouse:

    Thank you DB for taking the time to review the Olight H15. We understand from similar feedback from the H15 the one you describe is in fact the previous model (discontinued) and not this improved H15S model you have reviewed on. However, it was noted on the original H15 that it did have similar feedback to yours and as a result Olight have taken it on board and released this Rechargeable H15S Model. We have had no negative feedback on this new model to date, and believe it is a significant upgrade. We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with your previous purchase and if there is anything we can assist you with on your next visit to Outdoors Warehouse we will be happy to help.

    - DB

If your Olight product has any defect as the result of the materials or workmanship we want to make it right! Within 5 years of purchase: Contact Outdoors Warehouse for troubleshooting and/or return details and we will repair or replace it. After 5 years of purchase: Contact Outdoors Warehouse for troubleshooting and/or return details and we will repair or replace it. You just pay for the postage and parts. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. This warranty also does NOT cover modifications, misuse, disintegrations, negligence, accidents, improper maintenance, or repair by anyone other than an Authorized retailer, Powa Beam or Olight itself. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.


The Olight H15S Wave IR controlled headlamp has three output modes (Low, Medium, and High) and an optimized user interface for easy access.  It can be configured to either use the switch or infrared hands-free sensor to turn the light on and off.  A built-in filter diffuses the light for close-up work but can instantly be flipped out of the way to project the beam far.  This makes the H15S an extremely versatile light great for reading, inspecting equipment, working on the car, or walking at night.


InfraRed Sensor
The H15S Wave is equipped with an infrared (IR) sensor.  When using the IR sensor, you turn the light on and off with a sweep of the palm in front of the head lamp.  This is particularly useful for certain applications where contact-free operation is a must, for example mechanics with dirty hands, doctors with clean hands that must be kept clean, or even an outdoor enthusiasts riding or climbing with heavy gloves.

Rechargeable Battery
The H15S features a 1200mAh high-capacity, rechargeable lithium battery with built-in charger.  The battery charges from a Micro-USB cable allowing the light to be charged from either a computer or 5V USB power source.  The H15S can also be run on 4 x AAA batteries, either Alkaline or Ni-MH.

Built-in Beam Diffuser
A built-in filter has been designed for lighting close distances.  The diffuser softens the light making reading and inspecting equipment close-up easy.

Light Weight

The H15S weighs only 128g with the battery, and 98g without.  The separated light from battery design balances the weight of the unit