Marksman High Accuracy Slingshot with Pellets

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Product Reviews

  • 5
    Great prices from Outdoor Warehouse

    The slingshot is great if you get the instructions correct. Maybe they should include a bubble level to get one of the instructions right. It's great for stunning a large number of cockatoos that gather around our neighborhood thanks to my next door neighbor's continual feeding of them.

    I like John's shade cloth suggestion in review 1 to practice for accuracy.

    Not only does Outdoor Warehouse have great prices they have great products and service.

    - Ron

  • 5

    I highly recommend the Marksman Slingshot.
    I hang a large sheet of shade cloth behind the target and the missed shot are saved.
    A great talking point with friends, it seems everyone had a slingshot in their youth.
    Great service from Outdoors Warehouse.

    - John

  • 5

    The user's manual comes in handy, giving advice for the shooting technique. After a few shots I was able to hit the target of my choice.

    High velocity and long shots. Quite impressive.

    Good grasp, easy to load.

    - Fabien

  • 5
    Jagged a bargain

    Ordered one of the "seconds" slingshots that had been in contact with water. Picked up a spare band in case the original was water damaged. After unpacking and drying the slingshot I found it to be perfect. Now I have a spare band for the future too!

    Great product and service. I will definitely be ordering from these guys again.

    - Harvey

  • 5
    Fantastic product at great price (2pack)

    A great intro to slingshot shooting. Two nice slingshots with 200 pellets between them. Great for if you want a backup or if you have more than one person eyeing off a slingshot. Very comfortable to hold which is unusual for me since I have large hands. Pouch is quite soft and flexible right out of the box.

    Service from Outdoors Warehouse was excellent, I will buy from them again.

    - Nik Saunders

  • 5

    I was so pleased when my sling arrived as here in Tassie its hard to get things through sometimes (to much time on their hands) but what a great sling with all the power you could wish for and the ball bearings make it a awesome set I’m having sooooooo much fun thank you OUTDOORS WAREHOUSE

    - Darren

  • 3
    heaps of fun

    Excellent delivery time. Fun to use.
    Unfortunately the band has deteriorated really quickly. Replacement definitely needed.

    - Don

  • 4
    I am "bait casting" like crazy.

    Nice little unit with a good robust design.

    Still trying to "cast the bait" exactly where I want,but it is keeping the *CENSORED* honest.


    - Ned Kelly

  • 3
    No magnetic pouch

    3030K Slingshot This product has no magnetic pouch as stated on packet.

    Response: The instructions are a generic card distributed from Marksman for all their slingshots. They have an option to get them with or without the magnet, and the 3030k does not have the magnetic pouch. The magnetic pouch is thought to be less accurate, and therefore is being discontinued so is at a reduced price via the link below.

    Magnetic Slingshot:

    - Brian


Marksman Laserhawk High Velocity Tapered Band Slingshot

  • Talon Grip Handle for Comfortable Hold
  • Tapered Band Offers 30% Ggreater Velocity
  • Rugged Steel Yoke
  • 100 x .30 Cal. (approx. 7.6mm) Steel Pellets included

Find out who is the Top Shot and setup a slingshot target at you place. Use steel pellets instead of rocks to greatly improve your accuracy and distance. We also have a range of Pellet Trap Tragets designed to catch your pellets so you can reuse them.

In some Australian states slingshots are classed as an illegal weapon so be sure to check out your local state weapons act before you place your order to avoid disappointment. You can find these links along with further information on our Terms & Conditions page.
The table below can be used as a general guide only however it is  the buyers resonsibility to ensure they comply with the current local laws of their state.