Whip buyers guide

Things to Consider

  • Length of whip
  • Materials used
  • Purpose of Whip / Cost

Length of Whip

There's no set rule to choosing the length of your whip however a standard Australian stockwhip is generally 6 ft long. Stronger people generally prefer a larger and heavier whip to be used on horseback.  Small and light whips are designed more for crowded environments such as cattle yards are called yard whips which are swift and easy to use.

Materials Used

All Nemeth whips are hand crafted from Australian Red hide, White hide and Kangaroo hide leather. Kangaroo hide is the best material for a whip. It’s the most expensive, and pound for pound one of the strongest materials that can combine strength, flexibility and beauty.

Purpose v Cost

For a beginner it is best not to spend too much on a 12 plait kangaroo hide whip, we suggest  either a 4 plait red hide whip as they are the best value and hard wearing.
Once you are more experienced with your whipcracking, then it is time to look at Kangaroo Hide Whips.


Australian stockwhip

The Australian Stockwhip is often said to have originated in the English hunting whip, 
but it has sincebecome a distinct type of whip. Today, it is used primarily by Australian stockmen
Unlike the short,embedded handle of a bullwhip, the stock whip handle is not fitted inside the lash 
and is usuallylonger. A stock whip's handle is connected to the thong by a joint typically made 
of a few strands ofthick 
leather (which is called a keeper). This allows the whip to hang across 
a stockman's arm whennot being used. The handles are normally longer than those of a bullwhip, 
being between 15 and 21inches. The thong can be from 3 feet to 10 feet long. Stock whips are 
also almost exclusively madefrom tanned 
kangaroo hide.

The Bullwhip

A bullwhip consists of a handle between eight and 12 inches in length, and a lash composed of 
abraided thong between three and 20 feet long. Some whips have an exposed wooden grip, 
othershave an intricately braided leather covered handle. Unlike the Australian stock whip, 
the thongconnects in line with the handle (rather than with a joint), or even engulfs the 
handle entirely. At theend of the lash is the "fall" and cracker or popper. The fall is a single 
piece of leather between 10and 30 inches in length. During trick shots or target work, the fall 
is usually the portion of the whipused to cut, strike, or tie the target. The cracker is the portion 
of the whip that makes the loud "sonicboom" sound, but a whip without a cracker will still 
make a sonic boom, simply not as loud.

Additional types

There are other variations and lengths of stock whips. The yard whip is a type of smaller 
stockwhip.The yard whip is used on ground in cattle yards and other small areas where speed 
and precision isneeded. The yard whip is also used by younger children that aren't quite strong 
enough to handle alarge stock whip.

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