How to care for your Whips

Taking care of your whips

 Do not crack your whip on hard surfaces, such as concrete, gravel or bitumen roads.

 Try to keep your whip clean and dry

 Keep your whip well dressed with a leather dressing like "Dubbin". This should be done  on a regular basis.

 Always replace your cracker immediately, as cracking without it will cause undue wear on your fall.

 The fall will need to be replaced periodically when worn.


Whip Safety

Whips are not toys, whips can cause considerable pain and cut flesh.  When a whip cracks the tip is traveling at over 1400 feet per second.

When using your whip make sure:

1. You have enough room around you

2. Other people are at a safe distance

3. Children using the whip are under adult supervision

4. Wear safety glasses, hat and protective clothing


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