How To

If you want to know how to do something such as sharpening your favourite knife, focusing your Powa Beam
spotlight, caring for your gear, or making your own slingshot (especially for people in states where commercially
made ones are illegal), then this is where you ought to be. Check out any of our how to pages, which we try to keep
as up to date as possible for you.


how-to-sharpen-knives.jpg               how-to-throwing-knives.jpg               how-to-focusing-pb-spotlights.jpg


how-to-hammock-chair-care.jpg               how-to-hammock-care.jpg               how-to-padded-hammock-chair-care.jpg


how-to-whip-care.jpg               how-to-replacing-slingshot-bands.jpg               how-to-making-slingshots.jpg

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