Choosing a Torch

Olight LED torches are a professional LED torch with many diffrent models to suit your individual application. They use only the latest and best LED technology including CREE, R2 LED, R5 LED, SST LED and the new CREE XML LED.

CLICK HERE for an interactive beam shot demonstration for Olight LED Torches

  i series Olight LED Torches: these torches are the most basic of the Olight LED torch range. They are competitively priced and all come with batteries. If you are looking for a small, easy to carry torch then this would be the choice for you.

  T series Olight LED Torches: The LED torches are designed for the everyday user who still wants the option of an extensive array of accessories. The most popular are the Olight T10 flashlight for its small size and the Olight T25 Flashlight for its standard AA battery whilts still producing an amazing amount of light output.

M series Olight LED Torches: These LED torches are more popular with professionals including hunters & law enforcement personnel as they are extremely bright, compact and have a large range of accessories to customise for your particular needs. The Olight M20 Warrior Flashlight is the most popular of the Olight flashlight range.

S series Olight LED Torches: These torches have been designed to meet the needs of those who prefer to only use the common AA battery. They come with a pouch, diffuser, batteries and also have a low battery indicator so the Olight S Baton series is perfect for the person who likes convenience.

 SR series Olight LED Torches:  These LED torches are the biggest, brightest Olight flashlights and are unrivalled in many aspects. They produce an amount of light more similar to a high powered spotlight, and some are also rechargeable including the Olight SR90 Intimidator with a massive 2200 Lumens, saving you money on replacing batteries.

  Excellent Optic Design
 Usage & Maintenance

Check out the EXTREME TEST VIDEO on the Olight M20 Warrior. You can see how indestructible these flashlights really are!!!