Goal Zero Boulder 30 Portable Solar Panel

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Goal Zero Boulder 30 Portable Solar Panel Box Includes:

  • Boulder 30 Solar Panel

Maximum energy for the long haul


Refuel your Goal Zero recharger faster than ever with the Boulder 30, our most powerful portable solar panel. Collect 30 watts of power from the sun and refuel your Goal Zero Yeti recharger in record-setting times!

The Boulder 30 is a high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel. Constructed from strong tempered glass with an aluminium frame, the solar panel is ideal for both permanent and temporary installation and can withstand any of the elements. 

You can chain up to 4 Boulder 30’s together to drastically reduce your charge times, then mount them on a tripod for optimal sun exposure. The panels are also able to be permanently fixed to off-grid homes/cabins, as well as car roofs. Contact us for more details on creating your very own renewable energy hub.


Key Features

  • o   Rated for 20 year life
  • o   2 x Boulder 30 charges Yeti 1250 in 20 hours
  • o   Chain solar panels for quicker recharger times. Grow your energy hub as your needs evolve with our patented technology