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Throwing Knives & Axes

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Knives used for throwing are generally one-piece, the purpose of this design is to create a durable knife with a balanced distribution of weight.

A few tips for using Throwing Knives:

  • Trees are NOT targets, you will damage and eventually kill them. Many trees are also too hard for your knives and may break them. To make for an easy stick, use wood that the grain runs vertically, because the knives spin vertically. Upi can also soften a hard wood by wetting it. Foam Target SetSoft wood (planks), layers of cardboard and old foam bodyboards make ideal throwing knife targets.
  • Be very careful what you throw them at as we do not warrant knives that break from being thrown at inappropriate and unrecommended surfaces.

Throwing knives are prohibited in VIC & SA, we will not post to these States.





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