Straight Razor - Traditional Cut Throat Razors


The method of shaving with a cut throat razor or straight razor is the most traditional and argued by some as the only way to shave.


What is a Cut Throat Razor?

The straight-edge razor was also called the cut-throat razor because it was dangerous enough to cut a man's throat.

Basically, it has a single straight blade attached to a handle by a hinge and it is stored
by folding it edge-first into a slot in the handle of the razor.

History of the Cut Throat Razor...

In early Roman and Greek civilisations they used iron blades with a long handle which were the only pratical razor until the 19th century. With improvements in steel manufacture came cut throat razor blades that were really sharp and capable of being re-sharpened.

Further advances in razor technology changed shaving habits in the 20th century. In the 1900s, most men were either shaved by the local barber or at home when required, rather than regularly. The barber's more well-off customers would have personal sets of seven cut throat razors, labelled 'Sunday' to 'Saturday'. Today, most men shave everyday in their own homes, using a wide variety of modern razors and equipment.



Cut-throat razors must be used with extreme caution. 

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