Ugg Boots

Australian Made Ugg Boots!

100% 'A' Grade, double sided, Australian Merino ENVIRO FLEECE sheepskins with a great range of colours, lightweight and hardwearing DURASOLES, FORMFLEX reinforced heel supports and premium quality components to make footwear thats luxurious to wear.

These Ugg Boots are the only manufacturer to date that further strengthens their UGGS by using the ULTRASTITCH-- a bi dorectional, double stitch on all seems to ensure they go the distance.

They now use the ENVIRO FLEECE skins which use fully recycled tanning liquors and eco friendly tanning chemicals which creates a 30% reduction in water usage. The results are brighter, cleaner, richer colours and stronger skins! The Ugg Boots also come in recycled cardboard boxes or fabulous reusable bags as packaging options.


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NOTE: Please allow 10 working days for delivery


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